Top 6 website designing tips for making an Effective Website

effective-web-page-design-1-878x477Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Well, yes. That’s true, and it holds true for your website as well.

An effective website is one which draws more customers and effects in conversion. So, you have to make your website worth looking at and Webdesign Singapore provides you the training for the same.

So, here I am writing to let you know the top 6 tricks you can apply to catch your beholder off guard.


Avoid clutter as much as possible. Stack your information properly so that the reader or the visitor finds relevant things first. Give them what they want: at the right time and at the right place.

Your home page is what one lands when they click on the hyperlink or the URL. Thus, you wouldn’t like to show your mess. Instead, show your best and form the best impression ever.


Keep in mind that the readers are wide and varied, but they are also good critics. And the most part of your business depends on them. So, present them with a warm welcome and an easy pathway to get all the relevant information they are looking for.

Web design Company Singapore is keener on maintaining a hierarchy to guide the users in the most efficient manner so as to give them the best services possible. Apart from placing your information properly, you can use colors and contrasts to highlight them too. You can use different sizes for representation. All of this is done purely to keep the visitor enticed to your content.


Ensure that your content has a smooth flow of words that are readable and the reader can easily relate to the same. Avoid using bombastic words; that does not make your content rich, rather the reader gets bored and leaves your page sooner.

Retain a uniform text size and font for your content. Although, you may increase the text size for letters or use different colors and fonts for writing the headings. But avoid overdoing it.


It is found in most researches that the human brain is more into images than texts. Therefore, include pictures and videos in your content to make it richer. Do not include large videos; keep short video clips of your services that you wish to cater. This will grab more users to your website and might also lead to conversions; who knows!


You may have designed every page of your website with utmost care. But what if the user is unable to keep a track of where he wants to go and where he came from? Thus, you should interlink all your web pages by providing links in each of your pages.

Do not make the pages too long as the reader might not scroll down fully. It is better to keep your content crisp and short, unless very much necessary.


It is very important to keep your website mobile-friendly. The whole world is on phone and if you want to reach out to the wider audience, then you have to have your website optimized for the mobile too.

You cannot forget this part when it comes to web designing. This is the most important and the best part of designing your website for brand building. It will help your business grow and extend your services to the end users in a more friendly and convenient way. If you can, then make an app too.

Therefore, keep yourself in place of the user and wear their shoes to understand their mindset. Obviously, use your own too. I’m sure both will work wonders to create the best website ever.


Essential Features of a Payroll Software

Choosing a Payroll Software is never been easy as there are a lot of Softwares in the market. All these CRM softwares have different Features and are industry specific. Payroll softwares are designed to ease the work of HR and Accountants to make the salaries of the employees. So here we are discussing Few important features that your payroll software must have.

1. Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is a function of the Payroll Software. These systems offer integration capabilities such as linking to the Performance management system, leave application, Attendance, Pay rate etc. All these Softwares saves a lot of time in the payroll Processing and make the Task easier.

2. Direct Bank transfer

This feature is a win-win for both the employee and the HR department. Transferring payment directly to the employee’s bank account will shed the chances of paycheck loss and fraud. It saves the company time and offers better management of Cash to the employees.

3. Tax Calculations

Payroll software are often capable of calculating the taxes and automatically Deduct the amount from the total pay. It avoids the risk of human error and additionally pre-fill the tax form based on employees payroll information that is already available in the system.

4. Accounting integration

With all other integrations, this software is integrated well with the Payroll software. This can serve both the Accounting and HR teamwork. It minimizes the chances of miscalculations, incorrect data entry, and payroll woes.

What Are The Features of Online Invoice Software?

Invoicing is presumably a standout amongst the most difficult record maintaining tasks that bring a worry to business people. Chasing after customers and making sure that all bills are paid to require multi-entrusting record-keeping capabilities. For these consistent tasks to be easier, moving to online invoicing software is a magnificent decision for associations.

Online invoice software fixes these sorts of issues and making it brisk or simple to convey invoices and track them. Turning to online billing can diminish your costs and speed up payments. So, let’s discuss the features of the online invoicing software.

1. Each Record Is Secured In The Cloud

Now do not take stress over losing invoices or customer data. Each record and data is automatically saved and stored online. Simply sign in to online invoice account and everything you have to start billing your client is right at fingerprint.

2. Use Invoice Templates

There is no requirement to keep on utilizing the same invoices. Sometimes we want to add some identity to our invoice but to do not spend the time and energy to make one from scratch.

In those circumstances, we can utilize online billing software, for instance, QuickInvoicer has various invoice templates to choose from.

3. Less Paperwork

As we know, online invoice software deals with every record online so do not need to struggle with paperwork.

With a good service, as a merchant, invoices can be filter by days, payment status or client and download or print them so you can send them to your clients or accountant.

4. Secure All Your Data

The invoice billing software works by saving all your information online. But, if you do not use the proper service, that information can be stolen.

QuickInvoicer usually backs up the record and utilizes 256-bit AES SSL encryption for extra protection. That is especially robust encryption so strong, in fact, that it would take someone, with the world’s fastest computer, 1 billion years to break the code.

5. Faster Payments

If an invoice is received by hand, the payment takes lots of time. Fonbell Solution developed online billing software which helps to speed up payment method by providing clients with various payment options such as online payment option or offline payment option.

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