Why Your Business Need a Responsive Website Design


responsive-webdesignMobile internet surfing is gaining ground so more and more businesses are focussing on the mobile Responsive website. Mobile optimization is another area where the developers need to work to match the modern demand. Responsive website design is the today’s need if you want to be competitive. According to the survey, there are more people number of people who are using mobile phones for internet surfing and there is a declining trend in Desktop use. so here we gonna Tell you why your business needs a responsive website.

  1. Social Media Engagement: Are you a social savvy? Social media is part of marketing strategy and without that, your business cannot grow. in fact, it is the best medium for brand Awareness and increasing user Engagement. People are using mobile phones to visit their sites and any content which didn’t fit well according to your device will frustrate the user and increase the bounce rate.
  2. Responsive website loads faster: Slow and study doesn’t win the race in today’s world. There are people who will switch to another website if your page doesn’t load up fast. A responsive website generally loads up faster than a desktop view. The longer the visitor wait the higher the chances that he looks elsewhere.
  3. Better Conversion: According to a study conducted by Google, there is a likelihood that people will return to your website if you have a mobile-friendly site. 74% of the users will return to buy your product and service. There are great chances of conversion if you have a responsive design.
  4. 80% of the local searches coming from mobile devices: Mobile devices are handy and can be used for anywhere. People are using the mobile device for local searches. There are powerful Android and ios devices which have applications that can be used for conducting research and for the transactional purpose.

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