5 Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Designing Website!

Website development is a complex task. It includes aspects of usability, practicality, the basic principles of brand promotion and good old design and more. Errors in website design affect the effectiveness of a website. Sometimes designers and developers in pursuit of the latest technologies when creating a new site forget about how the use of these technologies which will affect the ranking of the site on the search engine.
So, it is important before designing a website, analyze all the major aspects, factors and techniques to develop a proper page. However, in this article, we will talk about the 5 common mistakes that you should avoid while designing a website.


Do you want to create a beautiful, clear and convenient site? Then do not forget the color scheme. Many novice designers simply take the first available colors and draw up blocks, links, buttons and other interface elements. This is not right. You need to understand in which cases to use orange, and in which gray. You need to know about the difference between safe and unsafe colors. For that, You can hire web design company in Singapore who help you with those shades that should not be used at all in web design.


A lot of graphics can cause the entire site to load too slowly. Visitors will not want to return to such a site and leave it forever. Many designers in their first projects makes one standard mistake like loads web pages with images. But, loading a lot of pictures is bad. A large number of graphic images make the site inconvenient for perception. This thing is equally responsible to increase the load time of a web resource. Therefore, if possible, store the images in the format of GIF files. Minimize the graphic images as far as the quality allows so that the picture is not distorted.


There are quite a few errors in creating the navigation menu. For example, too many menu items disorient and disperse the user’s attention. The too short menu is also a mistake. To get to the desired page, the user has to wade through the jungle of an extensive submenu.
Therefore, think over the menu well, structure the sections correctly, create a search on the site, delete empty pages, clean texts from non-existent links, do not oversaturate the text with internal links, use clear button names. The names of the main sections should be clearly visible at first glance at the main page. Every visitor should understand how to return to the main page from any page of your site.


Your website will look different on your 17-inch laptop screen compared to your personal computer, mobile phone, or tablet if you do not have a responsive layout for your website. Google punishes sites that are devoid of mobile versions and do not take into account the various screen sizes. This is one of the reasons why the development and creation of sites should be transferred to a professional specialist because you will most likely use HTML and CSS code that does not help to solve the above problems.


From the first years of the Internet, especially during the period of romanticism, web developers tried to integrate music into sites. In most cases, the effect was just the opposite, users immediately closed the page. However, in some cases, you may need an audio file. An audio guide can be an interesting solution. But in this case, you must give the user control over the Play, Stop, etc. buttons.


We have listed only the main mistakes in creating the site. But if you save your projects from inconvenient navigation, overloading with graphics, incorrect font selection, incorrect content layout and much more, then you will significantly increase your site’s chances of getting into the big leagues.

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