web design Fundamentals

5 Basic Fundamentals of Web Designing

We all are aware of the fact that nobody likes overcrowded designs. People like a Simple, clean and neat layout which is easy to understand and is not annoying. These Annoyances can be easily corrected by the developers to make a simplistic design that can better connect with the users. This is the principle which is taught to the developers at Web design Agency Singapore from very long time and is still being used.

Great web designs are easy to understand. In fact, a well-designed website is more credible in sticking the customers to the business. Web designs have a great impact on the User Experience. So here we are sharing 5 Fundamentals that help you keep the quality designs at the forefront.

1. Follow the rules

In the Design class, you are taught the lesson of good layout, beauty elements, Order and symmetry to abide by the rules. But as you advance in the Professional career you are told to alter the rules. There are emerging web technologies which change the layout so that you can adjust the user perspective and add variety.

2. User Images and Icons to communicate when possible

There are some universal icons that the user are trained to respond. A Magnifying glass, house, Floppy disk which are already ingrained in the user’s mind. So try to take advantage of these visual Shortcuts so that people can easily recognize you.

3. Use Color as a design Element, Not as Decoration.

The Color of the website will make or break the User Experience. A Soothing light blur color is often used for website designing because of its cool nature and pink is used for girls centralized theme. Use colors to support the content not as for decorations. If you are using photos the design of the sample should match with the background.

4. Choose fonts that support content

Using fonts is all of your choices, There are thousands of fonts available but choose the one which can be easy to read and go with the design. A nice bold headline font often makes an appeal with Times Roman body content. For the headline, you can use either serif or sans-serif.

5. Help From Others

All right you have got your basic design element, with pretty icons and pictures. Now call other people and ask for their view. This can be instrumental to go from OK website to a Perfect design. You can involve in the online communities to ask for their view and can improve your design.